Caroline Wang
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Caroline Wang

Caroline Wang is an award-winning watercolor artist; a NASA retired Engineer and researcher. She believes all innovations are created from inspiration and passion.  Caroline says that writers use writing to express their feelings; but Artists use painting to express their feelings. She composes her paintings from her inspirations. Her current art exhibit is at Von Braun Civic Center Gallery sponsored by Art Huntsville in Alabama. You can view her painting portfolio here.

Carol's Instant Pot Recipes

About Caroline Wang

Caroline also has passion for cooking. Her kitchen is her play ground and her lab. She likes to think cooking is science, because you have to understand the ingredients, and the process rules. She also like to think cooking is art, because you can be creative about it. Creativity is unlimited. She has developed 6 cook books for her cooking classes. Recently, she discovered the beauty of Instant Pot. Instant Pot is the best gadget that she has ever experienced.  Instant pot can save cooking time, because you do not have to be there when it is cooking. Instant pot can make a simple dish very tasty because the right control of temperature and time. Instant pot keeps the Kitchen clean. because you do not need to use your stove that much. She uses Instant pot for 90% of her cooking time. She ate out a lot due to the trouble of cleaning the kitchen. But now because of Instant Pot, she started to cook at home more.

Caroline started to develop recipes for Instant Pot. All her new recipes included the story of her inspiration. Instant pot publisher Rebecca Clark is working with Caroline to review and post her new recipes to the public. Several followers have also shared their experiences with using the recipes to create their own dishes. She likes to see people read and understand the recipe, and be able to create something new of their own.