Instant Pot Dulce de Leche

What’s just 2 ingredients and a perfect Christmas present? Prepared at home! Yes, it is the cloud 9 dulce de leche. With just 2 ingredients that are so easy to find and a method super easy to follow you can create a caramelized, creamy, silky dulce de leche with an instant pot.

Dulce de Leche is  a sweet dish from South America. For those who love sweetened condensed milk, dulce de leche is heaven. The best and easiest way to enjoy it is: straight out of the jar. You can also enjoy it in other ways such as in toppings and fillings in cakes, muffins, brownies. Spread it on a toast or a pancake and make a delicious breakfast. Make your snack times sweeter by topping your nachos, popcorn, and cookies with this. In DIY Christmas presents like baskets and party favors.

Using an instant pot reduces the cooking time of 90 to 120 minutes on the stove with constant stirring and 8 to 12 hours on the slow cooker to only 40 to 90 minutes. This too depends on the brand of the sweetened condensed milk. Some brands caramelize early, others late. The instant pot is first of all very easy to use. It avoids the breakable glass from the jar method. Lumps are easy to remove using a hand blender right in the bowl. It also allows easy customization on the color.

Do make sure that you do not confuse condensed milk with evaporated milk. Dulce de Leche cannot be prepared with evaporated milk. It requires only sweetened condensed milk.  Also, baking soda and baking powder are two very different things. Care must be taken against this too. The baking soda is also a key ingredient as it produces the right color.


  1. 250 ml cold water (1 cup)
  2. 396 g sweetened condensed milk can (14 oz)

Ingredients for the baking soda mixture

  1. 3 g baking soda (0.5 tea spoon)
  2. 45 ml warm water (3 table spoons)


  1. The first step is creating the baking soda mixture. Take 45 ml warm water in a small bowl and add the 3 g baking soda in it. Stir well until all the baking soda is dissolved.
  2. Take a 14 oz (396 g) can of sweetened condensed milk and pour the whole of it in a stainless steel bowl. Add the baking soda mixture to it and stir well.
  3. Pour the 250 ml cold water in the Instant Pot and place the stainless steel bowl from step 2 directly in the water. Close the lid. Pressure cook for 40 to 90 minutes with a Natural Release.
  4. This is where the dulce de leche is completed. Slowly remove the lid. Take out your bowl and check it with a fork. If not properly caramelized to the required color, pressure cook again for 20 minutes to half an hour. If there are lumps, take them out! Use a blender to take out all the lumps for a perfect dulce de leche.
  5. If you let it cool, it will thicken up. If you warm it up, it thins down. Do as you please and enjoy your instant pot dulce de leche!

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