Instant Pot Red Bean Sticky Rice bites

Instant Pot Red Bean Sticky Rice bites

By Caroline Wang

Instant Pot Red Bean Sticky Rice bites


  • Sweet Red Bean paste (Make small balls for the number of bites you need)
  • 1 and ½ cubs sticky rice
  • 3 cups of water
  • Few spoons of Jam (any flavor of Fruit preserves)
Sweet Bean Paste

Sweet Bean Paste

Sweet Red Beans

Sweet Red Beans


  1. Precook sticky rice (also called sweet rice) with water. Use either rice cook, or instant pot.
  2. Make small red bean paste balls for the bites.
  3. Add a little Jam to the button of the silicon small bites mold.
  4. Add the cooked sticky rice to fill half full of the mold. mold
  5. Add red bean paste ball on top of the sticky rice.
  6. Add sticky rice to fill the mold.
  7. Set Instant pot to “steam function” with low temperature.
  8. Wait until natural release to complete the process.
  9. Turn the mold up side down to remove the red bean sticky rice bites.


This recipe is inspired by two people. One is my grandson Oliver. Another is my church friend Ivy.

I was at my daughter’s house last month in San Francisco. One day, I invited my daughter out for lunch at Ferry Station, Tea house restaurant. I bought a few Red Bean steamed buns and introduced them to my grandson Oliver. He loved it, and he asked for it every day.  Although, I can make that for him. But it will make a big mess at their kitchen besides it will not be as good as the chef’s buns. So, I went back to the restaurant for more before I left there.

One day, one of my church friend Ivy made a red bean rice cake. It was so good. She baked it. I thought of using the similar concept but with instant pot to steam it. Except I like to use sticky rice with red bean paste. It turned out very nicely with the Jam on the top for color.

When I go back to San Francisco, I would like to introduce this to my grandson Oliver and I believe he will like it.

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