Instant Pot Sweet Rice Meat Ball Soup

Instant Pot Sweet Rice Meat Ball Soup

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Caroline WangCaroline Wang is an award-winning watercolor artist; a NASA retired Engineer and researcher. She believes all innovations are created from inspiration and passion. Caroline says that writers use writing to express their feelings; but Artists use painting to express their feelings. 

But what got her into cooking? Read full story here.


  1. 1 pound of ground meat (any mixture of the pork, beef, chicken, or turkey)
  2. Few slices Ginger roots
  3. Few strips of Green Onion
  4. ¼ cub Sweet rice (Sticky rice)
  5. Salt and Pepper (per your need)
  6. 8 cubs of water (add a little more water if you like more soup)


Mixed ground meat with sweet rice and make the meat balls.

(Cooked sweet rice is sticky, so people also call it sticky rice. It can be found at any Asian market, or some of the regular grocery store. Western meat loaf uses bread crumbs to bind the meat together. Therefore, I use sticky rice to bind the meat ball, and it turned out great.)

Sweet Rice Meat Balls

Add all ingredients (water, ginger, green onion, salt, pepper, and meat ball) to the pot.

Seal the lid and select “Soup” function and wait until natural pressure release. You can also do quick release if you do not have time. But natural release soup taste better.

Instant Pot Sweet Rice Meat Ball Soup

Story of this Soup

Every other week, I like to deep clean my refrigerator. The purpose is to eliminate the expired ingredients, and to make space for the fresh groceries.

Last week, when I was cleaning my refrigerator, I had only some ground meat left. I decided to cook whatever I have left over. I asked myself, what can I do with the limited ingredients. Instead going out to get more ingredients, I took the challenge to make something out of what I had left.

I thought of Matzo ball soup. That inspired me to make the meat ball soup. In order to make it more tender. I added sweet rice to bind the meat and make it more tender. This experiment was very successful, so I like to share with others.

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